PVC Profiles

Our products and accessories are 100% ecological and have all the arguments and certifications required to manufacture competitive products on the European Union market. The Ramplast profiles are certified by the prestigious IFT Rosenheihm Institute, Germany, and can be supplied in various colors and shades, with decorative sheets supplied by world leaders in the field.

RAMPLAST profiles are among the few market profiles that are tested for fire behavior and meet the requirements of the Decision no. 1061 dated 30/10/2012 on the cost standards related to the thermal rehabilitation of housing from public funds. The tests were carried out in the building physics laboratories of IGH Croatia Institute, an institute notified by the European Commission, ensuring thus that the the RAMPLAST profile joinery provides a high level of fire protection, beyond the specifications of the Romanian standards on construction safety.

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PVC profiles with compact system, high sound and thermal insulation parameters, allowing easy processing. They have a four-room structure and use the same reinforcement system and accessories as the EcoTherm Plus and EcoLux series.



With high sound and thermal insulation parameters, the EcoTherm Light series profiles are some of the easiest to process. These profiles have a four-room structure and allow sealing with two rows of gaskets.



EcoLux profiles have a 70-mm depth and exceptional thermal and sound insulation parameters. Thanks to the six-room structure and the three-row sealing capability, these profiles are in the premium class.

EcoLux Light

EcoLux Light

We invite you to discover the premium system profiles in the EcoLux Light series. They have exceptional thermal and sound insulation parameters, a modern design and a six-room structure. Find out their advantages!



Profiles using this premium system have a 7-room structure and are designed to bring the highest degree of thermal and sound insulation. They have a modern design, rounded edges and compact dimensions. Learn more about them!



Launched on the market in 2017 as an evolved form of EcoTherm Light profiles, the Solid400 series comes with improvements in the joinerys technical parameters. These profiles retain their compact design and four-room structure.



The premium Solid500 PVC profiles series is characterized by a 5-room structure and a polygonal-faced design with round edges. Due to the improvement of the fastening system and structure, the Solid500 profiles have increased strength.

Accesorii PVC

PVC accessories

From PVC panels, ironmongery, gaskets, fittings and connectors, we offer a wide range of window and door fittings. They provide most qualities of any PVC access system. Learn more about our accessories!


Ramplast profiles can be delivered in various colors and shades, with decorative sheets supplied by world leaders in the field.

Stejar auriu Stejar auriu
Mahon Mahon
Wenge Wenge
Nuc Nuc
Fag Fag
Weiß Weiß
Weiß Weiß
Creme Weiß Creme Weiß
Crystal White Crystal White
Swan White Swan White
Esche Weiß Esche Weiß
Verkehrsweiss SFTN Verkehrsweiss SFTN
Creme Weiß Creme Weiß
Creme TP60 Creme TP60
Beige TP60 Beige TP60
Pearl White Pearl White
Beige SFTN matt TP60 Beige SFTN matt TP60
Cremeweiss SFTN matt Cremeweiss SFTN matt
Grau Grau
Silbergrau Silbergrau
Cloudy Grey Cloudy Grey
Silver Grey Silver Grey
Coal Grey Coal Grey
Anthrazitgrau Anthrazitgrau
Anthrazitgrau Anthrazitgrau
Anthracite Grey Anthracite Grey
Anthrazitgrau SFTN matt Anthrazitgrau SFTN matt
Steingrau Steingrau
Stone Grey Stone Grey
Seidengrau Seidengrau
Silk Grey Silk Grey
Schokobraun Schokobraun
Schokobraun Schokobraun
Chocolate Brown Chocolate Brown
Charcoal Brown Charcoal Brown
Schwarzbraun Schwarzbraun
Schwarzbraun Schwarzbraun
Schwarzbraun SFTN matt Schwarzbraun SFTN matt
Grau Sandstruktur Grau Sandstruktur
Titanium SFTN Titanium SFTN
Quarzgrau Quarzgrau
Quarzgrau Sandstruktur Quarzgrau Sandstruktur
Quarzgrau Quarzgrau
Quarzgrau SFTN Quarzgrau SFTN
Quarzgrau matt SFTN Quarzgrau matt SFTN
Basaltgrau Basaltgrau
Basaltgrau Sandstruktur Basaltgrau Sandstruktur
Basaltgrau SFTN Basaltgrau SFTN
Basaltgrau matt SFTN Basaltgrau matt SFTN
Anthrazitgrau Sandstruktur Anthrazitgrau Sandstruktur
Anthrazitgrau SFTN Anthrazitgrau SFTN
Schwarzgrau Schwarzgrau
Schwarzgrau Sandstruktur Schwarzgrau Sandstruktur
Schwarzgrau SFTN Schwarzgrau SFTN
Metbrush Aluminium Metbrush Aluminium
Metbrush Silver Metbrush Silver
Sandgelb Sandgelb
Hellelfenbein Hellelfenbein
Zinkgelb Zinkgelb
Rubinrot Rubinrot
Weinrot Weinrot
Hellrot Hellrot
Dunkelrot Dunkelrot
Rubinrot Rubinrot
Autumn Red Autumn Red
Ultramarinblau Ultramarinblau
Sea Blue Sea Blue
Dunkelblau Dunkelblau
Brilliantblau Brilliantblau
Stahlblau Stahlblau
Stahlblau Stahlblau
Dark Blue Dark Blue
Royal Blue Royal Blue
Kobaltblau Kobaltblau
Monumentenblau Monumentenblau
Smaragdgrün Smaragdgrün
Moosgrün Moosgrün
Blattgrün Blattgrün
Forest Green Forest Green
Dunkelgrün Dunkelgrün
Tannengrün Tannengrün
Dark Green Dark Green
Dark Green Dark Green
Tannengrün SFTN matt Tannengrün SFTN matt
Signalgrau Signalgrau
Betongrau Betongrau
Achatgrau Achatgrau
Lichtgrau Lichtgrau
Silk Grey Silk Grey
Monumentengr Monumentengr
PapyrusWeiß PapyrusWeiß
PapyrusWeiß PapyrusWeiß
Braun Maron Braun Maron
Graphitgrau Sandstruktur Graphitgrau Sandstruktur
Lichtgrau Sandstruktur Lichtgrau Sandstruktur
Achatgrau Sandstruktur Achatgrau Sandstruktur
Achatgrau SFTN Achatgrau SFTN
Schiefergrau Schiefergrau
Schiefergrau Sandstruktur Schiefergrau Sandstruktur
Signalgrau Sandstruktur Signalgrau Sandstruktur
Kupfer Kupfer
Crown Platin Crown Platin
Silber V Silber V
Silber Platin Silber Platin
Earl Platin Earl Platin
Asphalt Asphalt
Quarz Platin Quarz Platin
Pyrite Pyrite
Azul Azul
Empress Platin Empress Platin
Royal Platin Royal Platin
Cardinal Platin Cardinal Platin
Metbrush Platin Metbrush Platin
Metbrush Quarzgrau Metbrush Quarzgrau
Metbrush Anthrazitgrau Metbrush Anthrazitgrau
Hazy Grey Finesse Hazy Grey Finesse
Gale Grey Finesse Gale Grey Finesse
S Bronze SFTN matt S Bronze SFTN matt
Silicia SFTN matt Silicia SFTN matt
Weiss Weiss
Saphir Silber Saphir Silber
Silber D Silber D
Silber D Silber D
Diamond C0 Diamond C0
Moondance C31 Moondance C31
Trompet C32 Trompet C32
Flemish Gold C33 Flemish Gold C33
Ash C35 Ash C35
Ceylon C34 Ceylon C34
Shadow Black Shadow Black
Tabasco Teak Tabasco Teak
Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom
Soft Cherry Soft Cherry
Rustik Cherry Rustik Cherry
Irish Oak Irish Oak
Antique Oak Antique Oak
Siena PN Noche Siena PN Noche
Walnuss Terra Walnuss Terra
Siena PR Rosso Siena PR Rosso
Sipo Saddlbebrown Sipo Saddlbebrown
Canadian Elm hemlock Canadian Elm hemlock
Walnuss Curcuma Walnuss Curcuma
Birke Rose Birke Rose
Noce Sorrento Balsamico Noce Sorrento Balsamico
Noce Sorrento Natur Noce Sorrento Natur
Cherry Amaretto Cherry Amaretto
Walnuss Amaretto Walnuss Amaretto
Walnuss Kolonial Walnuss Kolonial
Golden Oak Golden Oak
Staufereiche Kolonial Staufereiche Kolonial
Solar Oak Solar Oak
Nussbaum Nussbaum
Stauereiche Mocca Stauereiche Mocca
Nussbaum Nussbaum
Walnut Walnut
Eiche Dunkel Eiche Dunkel
Montana Eiche Tabak Montana Eiche Tabak
Dark Oak Dark Oak
Brown Oak Brown Oak
Mahagoni Mahagoni
Sapeli Sapeli
Mahogany Mahogany
Burgundy Mahogany Burgundy Mahogany
Sapeli Sapeli
Macoree Macoree
Sapeli Sapeli
Black Cherry Black Cherry
Kirsche Piemont Kirsche Piemont
Burgundy Cherry Burgundy Cherry
Macoree Macoree
Sipo Sipo
Oregon 4 Oregon 4
Bergkiefer Bergkiefer
Oregon Pine natur Oregon Pine natur
Streifen-Douglasie Streifen-Douglasie
Anegre Goldbraun Anegre Goldbraun
Eiche Natur Eiche Natur
Eiche Hell Eiche Hell
Eiche Eiche
Mooreiche Mooreiche
Sierra Sierra
Nevada Nevada
Canadian SHOGUN AD Canadian SHOGUN AD
Canadian SHOGUN AD Canadian SHOGUN AD
Eiche Grau Eiche Grau
KBE-Eiche KBE-Eiche
Winchester XA Winchester XA
Siena PL Vermont Siena PL Vermont
WERU Eiche Hell WERU Eiche Hell
WERU Mooreiche WERU Mooreiche
Winter-Douglasie Winter-Douglasie
Astfichte Astfichte
Agora Teak G Agora Teak G
Agora Teak Y Agora Teak Y
Carmague Oak Carmague Oak
Century Cherry L Century Cherry L
Century Cherry D Century Cherry D
Leather Leather
Jewelry Cube Jewelry Cube
Silverlight Silverlight
Wisconsin XD Wisconsin XD
Winchester XC Winchester XC
Mountain Larch WE Brown Mountain Larch WE Brown
Mountain Larch WE Red Mountain Larch WE Red
Teresina XC Teresina XC
Berglärche Berglärche
Chartwell Green Chartwell Green
Wine Red Finesse Wine Red Finesse
Fir Green Finesse Fir Green Finesse
Titanium Silver Titanium Silver
Zinc Silver Zinc Silver
Misty Gold Misty Gold
Champagne Gold Champagne Gold
Silver Slate Silver Slate
Silver Cloud Silver Cloud
Brown Leather Brown Leather
Carbon Carbon
Mersey Oak Mersey Oak
Chamonix Oak Chamonix Oak
Antique Pine Antique Pine
Vintage Pine Vintage Pine
Camargue Oak Camargue Oak
Andorra Oak Andorra Oak
Smoked Pine Smoked Pine
Clifton Golden Walnut Clifton Golden Walnut
Clifton Walnut Clifton Walnut
Stuco Oak Stuco Oak
Chamonix Grey Chamonix Grey
Sheffield Oak Light Stylo Sheffield Oak Light Stylo
Metbrush Mocca Metbrush Mocca
Metallic Wood Mocca Stylo Metallic Wood Mocca Stylo
Metbrush Schoko Metbrush Schoko
Anthrazitgrau Stylo matt Anthrazitgrau Stylo matt
Avellino Rost Avellino Rost
Santana Oak Safran Stylo Santana Oak Safran Stylo
Santana Oak Rotbraun Stylo Santana Oak Rotbraun Stylo
Avellino Schiefer Avellino Schiefer
Basaltgrau Stylo Basaltgrau Stylo
Silbergrau Stylo Silbergrau Stylo
Sheffield Oak Brown Sheffield Oak Brown
Alux Anthrazit Alux Anthrazit
Alux Weissaluminium Alux Weissaluminium
Alux DB 703 Alux DB 703
Betongrau Betongrau
Weinrot Weinrot
Pastellgrun Pastellgrun
Hellelfenbein Hellelfenbein
Marble Marble
Metbrush messing Metbrush messing
Altweiss – Alb caserat Altweiss – Alb caserat