About Dynamic Selling Group

Despre Ramplast

Dynamic Selling Group, the largest producer and distributor of profiles and accessories for PVC joinery processing in Romania.

Established in 2004, with a fully Romanian private capital, Dynamic Selling Group has been focused from the beginning on the distribution of Ramplast PVC profiles.

Nowadays, our company serves more than 1,500 customers and operates on the territory of Romania. We own 8 warehouses at: Constanța, Galați, Bacău, Iași, Cluj, Baia Mare, Bucharest and Timișoara and we collaborate with 7 distributors, strategically positioned.

We have always shown seriousness and professionalism in dealing with our partners and customers, developing long-lasting relationships. The secret of our success lies in the implementation of real, long-term partnerships but also in the continuous training of staff by organizing courses, annual symposia, meetings and interactive teambuildings.

During the period of activity, the management team has been strengthened and developed, having an excellent ability to adapt to market dynamics. The Dynamic Selling Group company is owned by founding members, Stoian Gabriel and Stoleru Cristian.

The mission of our company is to strengthen the market leader position in the field of PVC profiles used in the construction of doors and windows with thermal insulation.

Our products and services

We provide quality product packages and competitive services tailored to the requirements of the market where we or our distributors operate. Our offer includes the entire range of Ramplast ecological profiles as well as accessories (metal reinforcements, ironmongery fittings, gaskets, connectors, panels, etc).

Our services include: regular customer visits to solve any difficulties they encounter, as well as news releases, delivery of ordered products to the customers work point, provision of mills and production and bidding software.

In an increasingly competitive market, we can confirm the motto: “With us, the price is fair.” This is proven by the large number of PVC window manufacturers who have chosen the Ramplast profiles.


The PVC profiles in our offer are produced by the modern Ramplast factory, in Râmnicu-Vâlcea, the largest of its kind in Romania.

The Ramplast factory is equipped with an Italian new Plas Mec automatic mixing plant and the latest generation extrusion lines produced by the world leader in the field – the German company Krauss Maffei. An extrusion technology provided by the Austrian company Greiner is used in the plant.

For quality control, tests are always carried out in our own testing and research laboratory. The Ramplast factory was designed to high quality standards, giving employees access to the expertise of the best technology vendors in the field (Greiner, Gruber, Tehnoplast, Cincinnati and Krauss Maffey).

Raw materials

For the Ramplast profiles extrusion is used PVC produced by BorsodChem, Hungary – one of the largest PVC producers in Eastern Europe – and organic Ca-Zn-based additives supplied by the German company Baerlocher, leader in the field.

The first ecological profile in South-Eastern Europe

For the Ramplast profiles extrusion is used pure PVC and organic additives based on Ca-Zn (calcium zinc) supplied by the German company Baerlocher, leader in the field.

At Ramplast, the first 100% ecological profile in South-Eastern Europe was produced in 1997, ever since the establishment of our factory. Since then, all the profiles we produce are based on a tin-free composition, as tin is harmful to humans and the environment.